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Why Bet at Home (Ye, why?)

There are many reasons why you should bet on sports (and maybe one or two why you shouldn’t), but the bigger question is why you should be at home. Let’s see, home vs. a casino or the tracks or a down town smoked up basement with wall papers from the ’60s.

We can honestly say that 21st century broad band internet can give you the same and way more simply by staying at home. Or… maybe you’re an old school guy (or girl) and prefer to do things like they used to be.


So, here are a few points to why you should and shouldn’t bet at home:


Why you should bet at home:

Marital stability: If you get drunk and end up in bed with the waitress, its ok, she’s your wife

Hi-tech: Card tables don’t have off buttons in the real world

Comfort: No one’s going to stop you betting in your pajamas

Recovery: If you lose big you can just put your head under the pillow

Reputation: Never meet your boss at the casino right after asking for a raise

Marital stability 2: Spending too much time at home with your wife can harm your marriage

Reputation 2: You can call in sick and bet at home without the risk of bumping in the casino into someone you know, at working hours.


 Why you shouldn’t bet at home (under any circumstances):

Privacy: Your wife will know when you win big. She always does. She will want her share.

Responsibility: If you don’t manage to get a bet placed on time you can’t blame the queues at the bookies

Mould: This is what starts growing on your back when you don’t leave the house for three days

Security: Kids can place bets at home online too… and they’re not always winners

Mobile: Download an app, bet anywhere, anytime. Why bet at home?

Reputation: Calling in sick three times a week so you can bet at home may get you fired.



If you have more ideas please send us and if they’re good (but really good) we’ll load them with a big thanks to you.


Enjoy and good luck!